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I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I loved this ride through and through. I never thought I'd commit murder for this clown, but it was all worth it 🖤

touching grass is not enough i need to be shot

thank you for this <3


i just murrederd beppi


I played this with my sister at 1:51 in the morning It was like meth the game. The art is really beautiful and that's what made this game a masterpiece. I was horny and afraid. Thank you.


help. me


Beautiful... I got all of the endings and they are all amazing




what the F word!!! how couodl yousay that:? uou rude imbecile, clowns are hot asf..... what shit r u on bbro.


Best game evr 10/10. god what have you made..

This was a funny experience, I love it! :D

Deleted post

Best game 10/10


So glad I finally get to live out my dreams with the  clown man. Such a great game.


This is amazing


10/10 best of the best. would date beppi forever OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ